OUR TEACHERS independently instruct English language and culture classes in a positive, interactive atmosphere conducive to an enjoyable learning experience using established western curricula.  Teachers are paired with local, bilingual teaching assistants, who liaise with parents and schools, translate, and assist in the classroom.

OUR TEACHERS are passionate, dynamic team-players who are open to the constant learning process required for becoming a great teacher. They integrate their experience with western styles of education with the reality of Chinese education for the maximum benefit of the students. Structured, time-tested curricula are personalized by each teacher, who integrates games, songs, total physical response and outside activities that best fit the unique needs of their students. Through group consultation, action and reflection, Aipusen trains teachers on the job to be top-notch ESL specialists.

Teacher Qualifications

  • University Degree (Bachelors)
  • TEFL (min. 120 hrs.) or CELTA Certificate
  • Two years prior teaching experience
  • Under 60 years old


  • Enthusiastic about teaching
  • Not afraid to sing and dance!
  • Organized and responsible
  • Desire to learn about Chinese culture