I have had many rewarding teaching experiences whilst working at Aipusen and often it is the general progress I see when I teach a class for a year. In the first class, students are either too nervous to speak or too excited to focus, but eventually the quiet kids come out of their shells and the wild ones are not so difficult to tame. By the end of a school year, your students are probably people you have seen the most frequently during your stay in China and its almost as if they are family and friends.
— Nathan, 2012 (UK)
I have been working at Aipusen since 2014 and have worked with many great foreign teachers. I have made many good friends from all over the world, while sharing my Cantonese culture with them. It is a lot of fun being a TA and sharing my teaching responsibilities inside and outside of the classroom with western people. At Aipusen we are a team and this makes it a nice work environment.
— Max, 2014 (Guangzhou, China)
Working with Aipusen has given me the classroom experience that I desired. During my time with the company I have grown as a teacher and an individual, having been given responsibility with a great management and support team always willing to help and lend advice. Aipusen has teachers from different English speaking countries and backgrounds who combine to make a fantastic group of teachers who are always welcoming and helpful.
— Shaun, 2014 (UK)
The most memorable experiences I have had while working at Aipusen have been the field trips. Having the opportunity to take the students outside of the classroom and teach them things about the world around them has been incredibly rewarding. Hiking in the mountains, exploring ancient caves, and tours of several Guangzhou museums are just a few of the awesome field trips that I’ve been involved in. The students always have a great time, and so do we!
— Tyler, 2013 (Canada)
My life in Guangzhou is amazing!! I really enjoy living here because everything is upbeat and on the go. The transportation system here in Guangzhou is one of the best I’ve ever been exposed to. It takes me no time to reach my destination. It is a great change from driving down long highways and busy streets back home in America. My favorite part about living in Guangzhou is the people. The Chinese have made me feel very welcome and have allowed me to adopt their country as my own. The people I’ve met have shared their culture, homes and family adventures with me and for that I am very grateful.
— Ilysha Maria, 2013 (USA)
I have had the time of my life whilst living in Guangzhou! I have met people that will be in my life forever and done many things that I will never forget. I come from a village of 300 people that doesn’t even have a corner shop and now I am living in a city with some of the tallest buildings in the world. A weekend in Guangzhou can go from sitting outside eating noodles to being in a TV commercial.
— Albert, 2011 (Australia)
Aipusen has a more reputable program than the other companies I have worked for in China. We really make a difference to the children we teach, and we are helping them prepare for their futures. So many companies are just businesses, and so many teachers are just business assets, but at Aipusen, we can be educators.
— Reese, 2014 (USA)