2016-2017 School Year Highlights

Dear Aipusen teachers of 2016-2017,

So, another year is coming to an end and when I look back on these photos, I am reminded of the endless effort and enthusiasm put forth by our amazing teaching team.  We've had a particularly great year with outings, field trips, parties, performances, not to mention the great teaching and learning happening in the classroom everyday.  Thanks for all your hard work this year everyone!  It's been a real pleasure being part of this with you.

Cheers to the memories, Amanda

2016-2017 NEW Nanhai International High School Program

This year, we have added an exciting new program to our repertoire at Aipusen!  We are the foreign language teachers for the prestigious Nanhai Zhixin International High School program.  Moving into this new International Education Centre with state of the art classroom facilities has proven to be an exciting and motivating learning environment for the students.  These Grade 10-12 students are studying English in hopes to go abroad for University.  The students are enthusiastic and driven to learn.  It has been a great teaching and learning experience for all and we can't wait to see our students continue to develop their English language skills into the future.


Halloween 2015

The Aipusen Annual Middle School Halloween party was held on October 28th.  This year saw a group of enthusiastic teachers dress up in some of the best costumes at Aipusen to-date.  As always, the students participated in a multitude of activities, including face mask painting, Thriller dancing, and Halloween relay races.  It was a great night of festivities for both teachers and students. 

This past October 30th and October 31st, Aipusen teachers and staff threw two festive and authentic Halloween parties for some lucky high school students from two different local schools.  The costume clad band of Foreign English teachers kicked off the festivities with a little introduction of themselves and a rundown of the party.  A creative icebreaker activity of pumpkin carving and face-mask painting got the students’ hands dirty and gave them a chance to get to know the teachers before getting started on the three challenging Halloween English activities the teachers had planned for them.  These small group activities included, Halloween Games and Riddles, a Halloween Debate, and Scary Story Telling.  Then, everyone came back together to learn a choreographed dance to Michael Jackson’s famous zombie song “Thriller”.  To keep the party atmosphere going, students changed into different costumes, did a catwalk, introduced themselves on stage and continued to dance the night away.  

All who attended learned a lot about Halloween and are eagerly anticipating the next cultural activity put on by Aipusen.




Teachers' Chinese Lessons

This year's new foreign teaching staff have really taken the opportunity to immerse themselves in Chinese culture.  Many of them have taken it upon themselves to see and do everything there is to do in the travel guide books.  In addition, they have all taken the opportunity to study Mandarin lead by our talented Chinese teachers.  I think most of them have quickly realized how difficult, yet rewarding learning China's "common language" can be!  Good luck guys!  Jia you! 加油!